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Core Values of Sanskriti Schools


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. -Albert Einstein.

Science and society evolves continually and therefore the relationship between the two is dynamic, non-linear, complex and ever changing. Scientific attitude does not imply imparting or acquiring information alone. It also implies organizing, analyzing and applying the same in order to arrive at a solution or creating meaningful patterns leading to a systematic understanding of the natural processes or the understanding of the environment we live in physical or social.

Hence, for the development and growth of a child, the spirit of inquiry and scientific attitude need to be well blended with our rich Indian cultural and traditional heritage and be inculcated at every level in education system, home, school or street-from the lowest to the highest functionary, from a child to parents and teachers.

SANSKRITI is a special place where the young ones are prepared and molded to excel in today’s competitive world by imparting them, a positive Scientific Temper with the values like respect, equality and dignity of all human beings.


SANSKRIT has a passionate commitment to recognize the uniqueness of individual learners. It is driven by our desire to offer the best possible education and ambitions for our pupils in partnership with parents.

SANSKRITI recognizes that each child learns in his or her own unique way, however, what unites them together is their synergy with the school. Interconnectedness, which promotes personal growth and self-actualization lies in recognizing that all people have unique traditions. Values, and beliefs that are important to them, and celebrating these differences that bind our pupils, by providing them with a more intimate feeling of connection at school, whether through an individualized learning approach. We celebrate resilient, resourceful and responsible learners who show respect for one another as they work independently and collaboratively in a friendly, active, vibrant, inclusive, safe and secure environment, which turns their uniqueness to build a dedicated team and prepare them to become tomorrow’s leaders.


We believe in what experts agree, that parent involvement in education and a positive parent-teacher relationship is one of the biggest predictors of child’s success. When parents and teachers partner to better a child’s education, all three feels more valued, respected and confident. It creates a safe and a more rewarding environment for the child to grow and learn.

The parents need information about what and how their child is learning, and the teacher needs important feedback from the parent about the child’s academic and social development.

The core concepts of appositive parent partnership are respect, dignity, information sharing, participating, collaboration and being responsible. Our charge is to create parent-friendly schools and school-friendly homes. So, we have kept the lines of communication open, to encourage parents to get touch with us throughout the year and to maintain the home-school connection by keeping the parents informed regularly about the classroom activities and upcoming assignments in detail.


SANSKRITI creates passion and commitment for excellence. Even the longest journey starts with a single step. The whole curriculum is designed to ensure that the first step is step in the right direction. The mantra of today to excel include the traits like establishing highly standards, integrity to the core, motivation, determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of the goal a commitment to excellence- that will enable our students to attain the success they seek.


Freedom and discipline are two words that are opposite and complementary. They both go hand in hand and her two sides of the same coin neither is possible without the other. Both are capacities and gifts to the child, if they are given at precisely the right moment, growing with the child, they can be transformative, a catalyst for amazing change.

True discipline, however, comes from within the child. Our task is to show the way to discipline. The only way we learn to make a responsible decision is through practice. It is not a skill that can be taught, but one everyone must learn by trial and error. And so, it is true freedom that the child learns how to discipline himself; how to think through his options when making decisions; how to be a responsible person who is respectful of himself and others.

SANSKRITI provides the exact mixture of the two through its methodological curriculum by giving every child, the freedom to think and Express creativity and meanwhile making them responsible for their acts, not by imposing discipline on them but by kindling respect for others.


We have a strong compliment to bringing together the right teams of our faculty, to stimulate innovations and new ways of problem solving. But they need an inclusive culture to help them function at their best. Inclusiveness is all about making their drivers mix work. It's about equality and opportunity-making sure that differences are celebrated.

SANSKRITI has an underlying believe in inclusive and diversity. The diversity of our students is part of what makes SANSKRITI exceptional. Inclusion and diversity are fundamental to our culture and our core values. Hence, SANSKRITI is committed to make the learning environment inclusive - that is, create an atmosphere in which every child, parent and teacher feel valued and respected and have access to the same opportunities and facilities.


A good working relationship between teachers and parents is an extremely important part of a student’s academic success. Both parents and teachers have expectation for their student’s academic performance, attendance and behavior both in school and out of school. If these expectations are the same and they are communicated, a synergy will happen, and their relationship can have powerful effect on the student’s learning outcomes.

Both parents and teachers have a key role to play, their roles do not replace but rather compliment and reinforce the other’s role, thus providing the student with a consistent message about learning. Thinking of parents and teachers as “parents” refers to this mutual effect towards a shared goal. It also implies shared responsibility of parents and teachers for supporting students as learners.

SANSKRITI believes that mutual respect is the key to a healthy and positive relationship between the parents and the teachers. WE respect the faith you have in us. Thus, SANSKRITI has made “PARENTING WITH THE PARENTS” as its determined core value.