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Core Values of Sanskriti Schools

Science and society evolves continually and therefore the relationship between the two is dynamic, non-linear, complex and ever changing. Scientific attitude does not imply imparting or acquiring information alone. It also implies organizing, analyzing and applying the same in order to arrive at a solution or creating meaningful patterns leading to a systematic understanding of the natural processes or the understanding of the environment we live in physical or social.

Hence, for the development and growth of a child, the spirit of inquiry and scientific attitude need to be well blended with our rich Indian cultural and traditional heritage and be inculcated at every level in education system, home, school or street-from the lowest to the highest functionary, from a child to parents and teachers.

SANSKRITI is a special place where the young ones are prepared and molded to excel in today’s competitive world by imparting them, a positive Scientific Temper with the values like respect, equality and dignity of all human beings.